How to join JAHF

To Prospective JAHF Members: Benefits of membership include access to the secure, password-protected section of this website and automatic enrollment in our closed email list, intended for the exclusive use of members of the Japan Art History Forum. You must join the Forum prior to sending and receiving messages from the list. 

While we welcome occasional announcements of, for example, new publications and museum exhibitions of general interest to our group, our policy is to limit announcements of commercial gallery exhibitions, sales, or other professional and commercial services. If you have any question about the propriety of a possible posting to our email list, please refer to the “Using Our Email List” section of the secure, members only section of this website. If that page does not answer your question, please directly contact the President or another officer.

Annual JAHF membership dues are US$25.00, or US$10.00 if you are a student.

Please choose a membership and fill out your information where required.

We are sorry, but JAHF is not able to accept cash or check payments. If you wish to pay by electronic bank transfer to our U.S. bank account, please contact the JAHF treasurer for instructions. email:

Please note that joining implies willingness to have at least your name and email address distributed internally to other members of the group.

Image Source: Fishing Boats at Choshi in Shimosa (Soshu Choshi)